Flowers have long been used by humans in all means of decoration. It is among the most admired object of this world and none of our celebration or happy moment is actually complete without them. But is there any celebration that celebrates these alluring flowers? Yes indeed there is a long list of such festivals that rejoices the presence of flowers in our lives.

Check these details of the flower festivals and make sure you make an agenda to witness each one of them.

1.       Bloemencorso: Bloemencorso is a Dutch word which means "flower parade", and it is held in many towns in the Netherlands and Belgium. Various kinds of floats, cars and in some cases boats are magnificently decorated or covered in flowers and provides a relaxation to the eyes of the visitors. Each parade has its own character, charm and theme. Zundert holds the largest flower parade in the world which takes place on the first Sunday of September. Well, the floats are actually large artworks made of steel wire, cardboard, paper, and flowers. Big Dahlia is the most used flower in this festival.

2.       Jersey Battle of Flowers: The Jersey Battle of Flowers is an annual carnival held in the Channel Island of Jersey in the second Thursday of August. The main USP of this festival is music, funfairs, dance, majorettes and a parade of flower floats alongside various street entertainers. Do you know that since 1989, a night-time Moonlight Parade with the floats festooned in lights has been introduced? The Moonlight parade ends with a large fireworks display. Now, you must be visually imagining the magnanimity of these flowers and missing the loved ones beside you? Remembering the loved ones, get flower delivery and increase the love.

3.       Spalding Flower Parade: The Spalding Flower Parade is held in Spalding, Lincolnshire that initially took place as a celebration to mark the Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary in 1935. The main focus then was Tulips and the following years witnessed the event grow to involve an entire week dedicated to the beauty of tulips and ‘Tulip Week’ was born. Now the Tulip Week involves a 25 mile walk and tour designed to show off the best tulip growers in the area. Do you know that each tulip float could use up to 100,000 flower heads? This is now among the topmost festival of the world encompassing flowers.

Now, when you know the topmost flower festivals of the world, chalk out a plan and attend them with your sweetheart. For this time being, shop for your sweethearts from the flower shops to surprise them on special occasions.