For having the perfect eyeglasses style for women, you need to work with your face shapes and facial features. You need to understand if you are a mix of different face shapes and that is a real challenge to work with. Just trying to pick one perfect lineup of glasses for yourself is not going to work. 

You need to work with some angular features or jawlines or rounded chins. So, the first challenge you have is to find the face shape, facial features and then the perfect style of eyeglasses will fall into place. If you are someone with a little bit of face fat, then you need to work with rounded jaws or have a proper examination of the facial structure.

Square Face Shape Glasses
This kind of face has more angular lines which means it has equal wide cheekbones, forehead, and jaw. The perfect kind of glasses to have on this face is round glasses or oval-shaped frames. They can soften all the hard angles and also add balance. They will look good with the triangular-shaped face.

Round Face Shape Glasses
The perfect women's glasses for round face shape need to sharpen the softer features, have rectangular frames. The frames you need to choose need to have bold, angular lines. You also need to make sure that they need to be just above your cheekbones. As you know that round faces have soft curves and they have smooth lines. Hence, you need to make sure that the glasses frames are angular and sharper ones. You can incorporate a D frame glasses too.

Heart Face Shape Glasses
The frames you are going to choose need to make sure that the width is wider than the forehead for balance. Then, you need to choose the frames with some detailing on the lower side. If you modify the wayfarer type of glasses a little bit, then you can expect it to look great on your face. As this is the most versatile face type one can have, they look good with oval-shaped frames.

Even the low set temples or the bottom-heavy frames may look good. They may also look good if there are winged out frames in the picture. Do you know that even light-colored or rimless frames will look good on the heart-shaped face? Try them out once and you can only notice how good they look.

Triangle Face Shape Glasses
Triangle Face Shape Glasses need to keep the width a bit wider than the jawline. Since it is narrower at the forehead, then the aviator frames, D-frames and cat eyes glasses will look good. So you can play with a round and angular shape frames. 

They will really look good if you are thinking of making a bold statement or a stylish one. Always have a pair of emergency glasses that can be delivered quickly like a 24-hour delivery option when you order one pair of your glasses.

Oval Face Shape Glasses
Oval Face Shape Glasses have to be a bold shape because they will have to complement the personal style. They can stand out by playing with a little bit of color or the texture- they can be thick or thin too. If your face is an oval shape, then the oversized frames will look great on your face. 

This face shape has a narrow forehead and they have a slightly narrow chin but it is the best face shape one can have. It can work well with any kind of women’s glasses frames. Look for a frame that is as wide as your widest part of the face and when you get one, you will most probably land with square or rectangular ones. Even the geometric shapes will work well. 

End Notes
Want to know which eyeglass frames look the best on your face? Then, learn how to use this small and informative guide about how to choose the right eyeglasses frame for your face shape. It is guaranteed and you will find the best eyeglass frames for women. So, the primary way to find the best glasses for women, is to properly identify the face shape and get to know the facial features. 

There are primarily square, round, heart, oval, diamond or triangular shaped faces. Once you get to know the facial features, it is pretty easy ( but you need to be patient) to find the perfect eyeglasses style for you. The key to finding a flattering pair of eyewear frames is to choose the right frame which compliments your face and also your personality.