SAFe Training is majorly for executives, managers or mediators. Do you wish to get trained by experienced professionals? Xebia Academy is the Leading SAFe training in Bangalore that offers lifelong certification and proper training. Certified professionals have more than 10 years of training. By undergoing this training, you will be able to apply a SAFe Agile Framework at the business level.

For better understanding, SAFe Agile Framework is divided into three parts, team, program, and portfolio. However, in order to properly benefit from this course, you need to have at least a five-year experience in software development, business analyst, testing, and product management. You will also learn to change agile portfolio administration in large enterprises.

SAFe Training in Bangalore Helps you with:
  • An advanced course in Scrum Master.
  • Business Scrum Foundation Course
  • Get to test automation for an agile team.
  • Upon the completion of course, you are rewarded with proper certification.

Enroll in the Leading SAFe training in Bangalore and get help from the best professionals in the field. As a SAFe Agilist, you will have certain responsibilities like helping the company achieve the desired goals by strategic agreement, boosting up the employees so that they can work in a more productive manner that will be rewarding for the company. They will also have to manage the teams that are working under them so that there is the timely delivery of the products.

What you will get by Earning a SAFe Training Certificate

With all these new technologies and trends emerging the market, one needs to be aware of the benefits of choosing training and what they will get out of it. It is crucial for them to understand the need to take that training and it will improve their worth in the market.
  • The agile methods that you will learn are applicable in a wide array of fields. Various teams and organizations across the globe apply these methods.
  • Not only does SAFe helps in increasing team productivity, but it also helps in carrying out agile transformation at the enterprise level, which ensures sustainable growth.
  • No project is complete without proper collaboration from the various teams. The teams need to work together in a seamless manner to make sure that the product is in the best quality and also that the delivery of the product is timely. SAFe synchronizes proper collaboration, alignment as well as delivery of multiple agile teams that altogether leads to the company’s success.

If you are looking for SAFe Training in Bangalore, then Xebia Academy is your one-stop solution. The staff is fully professional and devoted to helping the trainees in the best possible manner. The training modules are designed to provide maximum information in an easy and understandable language. They also aim to provide hands-on experience because practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge. Being a relatively easy but important technique to use, it has a lot of value in the market. This course will help you with a better understanding of its principles and theories and you will learn to implement them efficiently in daily life.