Cakes are prepared occasionally, especially during celebration like- birthdays, weddings, occasions, anniversaries. Whenever a cake is baked, then you must always believe that it is something special today. Cakes are a sort of sweet food that also adds sweetness to our life.
It is actually prepared by baking and it tastes really sweet and tasty. It is also considered as desserts that is been preferred after the main course. You can send cakes to Ludhiana, Mumbai and many other places where people are really fond of cakes and other desserts.

Preparation of cakes

The mainly used ingredients in the preparation of cakes are- sugar, eggs, butter or oil or margarine, flour, sugar, water and baking soda. On taste variance- addition of fruits, chocolate, nuts, vanilla; can also be added to give flavoured taste as preferred.

The preparation of cake is a delicate process. Because baking a beautiful and tasty cake is always not too easy. As baking a cake with too high or low temperature can result in the fall of the cake also we need to be cautious using our oven as letting the oven heated too much before the baking process. And when the cake is put into the oven and the oven door is kept open for a longer time the cool air can get into the cake and these may also result in the fall of the cake. So we need to maintain a required temperature while the process of baking the cake.

Some people pursue this preparation of cake as their hobby and some start their small scale start-up using cake as their product of merchandising. They also love to decorate their cake using some sprinkles and using fruit, chocolate and other preferred toppings to make their cake look fancy and tasty.

There are also many online businesses for the promotion of their cake and bakery business and also for the better revenue gain. You can send cakes to Ludhiana and many other places like Delhi, Assam easily by ordering online

Types of cake
·         Butter cakes-Here the ingredients are used with a good amount of butter contained in it. This cake is especially for those who love cake along with the buttery taste in it.
·       Chocolate cakes- This cake consists of ingredients like sugar, flour, butter and additionally it consists of cocoa powder and melted chocolate.
·       Chiffon cakes- This cakes are spongy and it is prepared with the help of vegetable oil, and this helps in the addition of softness or moistness to the cake.
·       Coffee cakes- Here this cake consists of coffee extracts as an additional ingredient in this case. It is the best suitable cake to have your tea and coffee with.
Occasions, weddings, parties are a part of our day to day life. Celebrations are also necessary to acknowledge the good times in our life. Celebrations are a way of expressing joy and happiness to our success and welcoming the good times in our life. Cakes are eventually a part of that segment that actually gives a good vibe to live and celebrate our life.