A healthy diet improves the value and quality of the lives of animals. So, being informed about pet nutrition as a pet mother/Father is a significant component of taking charge of your dog.Having a pet is a great duty, and nutrition is one of the most significant components. Unlike popular belief, pets can't eat just anything. There are a few things you should doto meet the daily needs of your pet to keep them healthy and happy.

Make gradual changes

The digestive system of a dog does not do well with abrupt modifications in nutrition, and this is particularly the situation when it shifts from pet food to human food. Start the shift by incorporating a piece of sour, unseasoned meat, or vegetables. 

Have many options

Don’t feed your pet the same kind of food. Feed them different food at least alternate days. Add vegetables and nutritious rich food.

Keep a Tab on fat

Dogs need a minimum amount of fat to stay healthy but too much fat can upset your dog's stomach. So, it is always better to keep a check on your dog's fat intake just to be on the safe side.
Here are a few do's and don'ts that you need to follow.
  • The amount of nutrition and food varies for different breeds of dogs. So always ask the Veterinarian about the quantity and foods that you can give your pets.
  • Always keep a bowl of water ready for them. As much as food is important, the amount of water dogs drink is also equally important.
  • You can always give your pet food like bully sticks for dogs that are available exclusively for them and is rich in proteins. They have vitamins and minerals and are making your dog stronger.

  • Do not always feed your food the same quantity and expect them to eat it. The quantity of food the dog needs to depend on age, level of activity, sex, breed, metabolism, and environment.
  • Before feeding any new dog food to your pet always ensure to consult with the Vet. The dog should get a balanced diet. 
  • Don't give your pets any food that is toxic to their health.
  • Just because you won't eat the food, doesn't mean that you should feed it to the pets. The pets are not immune to certain human food and it can affect them badly. Xylitol, alcohol, chocolates, onions, caffeine, garlic, Salt, chewing gum, sodium, uncooked meat, avocados, grapes, and yeast are some of the food that is harmful to the dogs.

It is true that those days, the pets lived on the scraps and leftovers of the human food. But these days, there are a lot of preservatives and chemicals added in the canned foods to which dogs and cats are allergic too. This might take a toll on their health. So, apart from dog food that we get from shops, it is always advisable to home cook for your pets. You can include meat and veggies in your pet's diet to make it more nutritious.