Even with upgraded healthcare systems in the country, India still has one of the highest mortality rates among women in the world. Research shows that around 44,000 women die every year from preventable pregnancy related issues in the country. Apart from that, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, etc. are some that prevail in high numbers in this country. 

That is why women must avail a comprehensive health insurance plan that can provide cover against the treatment for critical illnesses, pregnancy-related expenses, etc. A maternity health insurance plan, for instance, is one of the necessities that each woman should avail to ensure their own and their child’s wellbeing.
The importance of availing healthcare for women
Until very recently, health insurance policy was not common among Indians. However, with the rising expense of seeking competitive medical care, getting health insurance in India has become a necessity.
Especially for women, several complications can arise during the term of their pregnancy. Health insurance plans can ensure that they can cover the expenses to avail the best medical care, in case of any pregnancy complications.
Maternal health insurance covers costs like delivery expenses, hospital stays, emergency medical care, pre and postnatal care costs, etc.
Also, apart from maternal care, health insurance policies ensure that women are covered from financial liabilities that can arise due to ovarian cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and a host of other diseases.
What are the benefits that women can avail from health insurance in India?
Following are the components of health insurance plan and how it can especially benefit a woman
        Focus on diseases prevalent among women

Health insurance plans cover illnesses that are specific to women like breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc.

        Maternity benefits

Maternity haelth insurance policy as a part of health insurance covers the cost of every pregnancy-related issue. Ranging from normal delivery or Caesarean to post-delivery care, vaccinations, etc. are covered under this insurance policy.

        Cashless facilities

Cashless hospitalisation allows you to seek medical care in a hospital without making any payments. There are network hospitals under financial institutions that provide health insurance plan where you can seek care without making cash payments. This component of health insurance policy is particularly beneficial when you face a shortage of cash. Additionally, you can also avoid the hassles of filing claims if you can avail cashless treatment facilities.

How to apply for maternity health insurance policy?
Availing the benefits of this insurance cover is simple. Companies like Bajaj Finserv, especially, have made it simple to apply for health insurance online. All you need to do is visit their website and apply for health insurance policy online.


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