Vacations are the most fun and enjoyable time of the year and everyone should utilize it doing something fun and adventurous instead of just sitting at home, moreover we should try exploring new places and destinations in our vacations. 
However, people are often confused about where to go for a vacation. Read this article to find about one of the amazing places in India, and that is North East. It is a very adventurous and thrilling place to go on a holiday; you would definitely won’t regret it. There are so many North East tour packages available by different travel agencies; just choose the one you like and go on a holiday to the North East and you would love the place.
    Reasons why you would love to visit North East
  • Wildlife: there are over 15 national parks in North East, and that includes the only floating national park of the world that is Loaktak. Moreover, when you visit the North East of India you will see the variety of fauna present there, there are various birds, mammals, reptiles, etc.
  • Nature’s beauty: most of the area of the North East is covered by forests; moreover there are beautiful mountains, highlands, plateaus, rivers, waterfall, lakes, etc. present that is certainly mesmerizing and worth visiting.
  • Rich history: visit Manipur where the British army was defeated by Indian National Army or visit Agartala to watch Ujjayanta Place. You can also know about the various legends of that place. There are many more history related places that you must visit in the North East.
  • Places of worship: there are various monasteries in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim’s mountains and churches in the states of Mizoram, Nagaland, and Meghalaya that can be seen in the North East. There are various communities with different beliefs. If you visit North East during the monsoons, there are chances that you can see Ambubachi festival which a very famous festival celebrated by the people in the North East in the name of their beloved goddess.
  • Epic road trips: this destination in India offers some great places to visit via road so that you can enjoy the great experience of a road trip, most of the adventure lies in the way. On the way, you can come across forests, hills, rivers, national parks, waterfalls, and much beautiful natural grandeur.
  • Rich heritage: The North East of India is famous for its rich handicraft traditions, they do beautiful bamboo work, and it is spread in the whole region. Manipur is famous for its gold jewellery and Assam, as well as Meghalaya, are famous for silk textiles.
So, these were some of the reasons why you should book your North East Tour Packages ASAP. You will be thrilled to visit such a beautiful place. Moreover, there are excellent offers given by various travel and touring agencies on North East Tour Packages. Check the internet for various amazing deals and make your vacation amazing.