Have you been struggling to overcome the stressful days you are trying to deal with due to increasing work pressure or some personal issues? In a situation, it is quite hard to focus on anything. No one feels like even cooking. You just feel like sitting and eat whatever you can conveniently, right? But all this won’t help you at all when you are feeling stressed.

So, next time when you find yourself down the hill and trying hard to get out of the stressful day then some of these food options as suggested by qualified nutritionists with certification in nutritionist course in Mumbai will definitely help:

Salad With Salmon or Chicken:
Who wants to eat salad especially when you are not feeling so good, right? Did you know the fact that green leafy veggies are rich in magnesium and which promotes higher energy levels, sleep and balances hormone? To add more zing to salad, you can add some salmon or chicken to it. When you are depressed, then you need to load your body with nutritional food instead of eating pizzas and other junk food. If you don’t wish to eat salad, you can even have dark chocolate, almonds, and pumpkin seeds as these are even rich in magnesium.

Yogurt and Porridge With Berries and Nuts:
When you find yourself in a jittery state, chances are quite high that your immune system becomes weighed down as well, which makes you more vulnerable to disease. This is the reason why many nutritionists with certification in nutritionist course in Mumbai suggest that you need to take enough of probiotics from yogurt to keep your gut in good physical shape (as it promotes healthy bacteria). You can add porridge, berries, and nuts to keep you full and stop you from eating junk food. 

Herbal Tea and Plain Water:
As per research, it has been revealed that caffeinated beverages exacerbate stress symptoms. Hence, make sure you don’t sip a cuppa of hot coffee when you are a bit stressed. Better would be that you should have a decaffeinated herbal tea like Chamomile, ginger and even peppermint teas. They are quite good in making you feel much better. Apart from this, you should drink enough water throughout the day.

A Big No-No to Foods and Drinks During Stressful Time:
Make sure you stay away from alcohol, fizzy drinks, caffeine, and all the sugar-rich snacks like cookies, pastries, and crisps. Believe it or not, you won’t feel much better after gobbling down all these types of junk food. Why? The reason is that when you eat such type of sugary food and drinks they tend to increase the level of blood-sugar and you will feel more down the hill. Hence, it is always good to eat healthily. 

All-in-All, when different options feeling boring or you are not able to make healthy food choices during the stressful time is advisable to look for the assistance of qualified nutritionists with certification from nutritionist course in Mumbai.